Communicate, don't complicate

Communicate dont complicate blog posts
When writing a blog, think of an online diary. The issue is to make it interesting enough so that people who don't know you will still want to read it.
Don’t complicate your blog too much, it’s more about your experiences, interests, knowledge, thoughts and anything that you would like to share with the outside world. You can write it as often as you want, with as much content as you want. You can quite literally share anything you want to share (it’s your blog!).
A blog can be very good for promoting your business. It can be a powerful marketing tool which allows your customers or followers to get to know you better.

Here's why a blog could be good for your business - 

A blog with regular updates can improve your website's SEO which can potentially increase website traffic and leads. You can also repurpose blog content for your social meadia posts, and link it back to your website to further increase your site's SEO capabilities.
Building an audience with a blog can also drive sales. People who like your content are likely to put trust in you, and are thus more likely to use your business. This is another reason why it's important to keep your content interesting regardless of who might be reading it. 

The Pagemark Design Team
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