Facebook vs. Instagram

Facebook Vs InstagramWhat's the better marketing avenue for your business?
Many argue that one is better than the other, but is it?
They both have their own strengths and  weaknesses.

Let's take a look at the post reach algorithm for both - 

Instagram takes into account post engagement. I.E. How many interactions has the post had? Either through likes, shares  or comments. It also checks if the content in the post is relevant to the user viewing it, posts from accounts that the user interacts with will be ranked higher too. Newer posts will also be ranked higher than older ones, and if your account is searched for frequently by users, your posts will rank higher. The time that users take to view your posts affects your reach too, if they stop scrolling to look at your post, instagram's algorithm will notice this and rank your posts higher. 

Facebook's algorithm differs slightly in how it lets your posts reach users. 
Posts from people you know, I.E. friends and family will automatically be ranked higher. This means that posts form pages and businesses will be ranked lower. Facebook also factors in post engagement, like Instagram. 
Posts that are likely to start a conversation are ranked higher, polls or questions are a good way to encourage engagement. Whilst Instagram is more image focused, facebook has a slightly heavier emphasis on written content, which means it ranks posts with media content higher, so including images or videos in your posts is a marketing must. 
It also suppresses posts that are obvious bait for likes an shares, as well as promotional posts, like posts that try to push people into buying a product or service. 

Each social platform is good for different things. Facebook is more interactive, whilst Instagram is more media driven, and in the end, it really depends what kind of audience you want to reach, what you think your audience will interact with and what content you want to create. 

The Pagemark Design Team
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