New Client Polaris Medical

polaris medical's logo in orange colour
Polaris Medical are a medical laser manufacturer based in Bedfordshire, UK. They design and produce laser machines for hair and tattoo removal as well as some other consmetic applications. They recently approached us with a desire to have their site improved by way of design, site optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation and lead generation, so that they may rank alongside their competitors in the most popular search engines. 

We need to re-write and build upon the existing written content to include keywords that are relevant to the business’ area of expertise, search engines will recognise this and push the site higher in their search rankings. This is also dependant on the overall readability and accessibility of the page.
This will be beneficial to their business as higher search engine rankings means more leads, and more leads means more potential customers. 

All of this as well as modernising and revamping the existing site with new media content and theming whilst also updating the overall flow of the site to make it more aesthetically pleasing to potential clients and improve accessibility. 

This will certainly be a challenge, but it’s nothing Pagemark Designs can’t handle! 

Watch this space!
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